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Top hotels in Jerusalem near the old city - must see view

The YMCA 3 arches hotel in Jerusalem is a beautiful artistic hotel that offers second-to-none amenities, a convenient location, and extras that include a beautiful bar and a spa to help you relax.

When you’re looking for the perfect top hotels in Jerusalem in and in the surrounding area you can stop looking once you find YMCA 3 arches hotel. This facility has advantages for both personal and business travelers, so whether you need it for a few hours or several weeks, you’ll always be glad you chose it.

YMCA 3 arches one of the top hotels in Jerusalem

The city of Jerusalem known for her history and ancient culture, the YMCA 3 arches is maintaining the artistic flavor but meanwhile present endless leisure and has a lot of attractions, from great pubs and restaurants to sites of historical significance, and of course, a beautiful view to the old city of Jerusalem.

If you’re interested in staying in one of the best and special hotels in Jerusalem, there is no need to look any further than the YMCA 3 arches hotel.

Conveniently located at the beaming heart of Jerusalem, this hotel caters to both individual and business travelers, and therefore is a great place to get together with colleagues after work for a drink or with your family when spending time in the city.

Close to a Lot of Fun Activities

There is something special n Jerusalem that is conveniently located near great shopping malls, wonderful restaurants, exquisite pubs, and numerous fun things to do that make staying in Jerusalem special and unique.

No one should ever forget their experience in this one-of-a-kind city, and the hotel you choose has a lot to do with your time there. More than just the perfect top hotels in Jerusalem The YMCA 3 arches hotel is easy to get to and is staffed with people who are anxious to make your stay there amazing.

Between its luxurious rooms, wonderful restaurant and bar, and a spa that allows you some relaxation time, this is one hotel you won’t want to overlook while in Jerusalem

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The Hotel is open and entrance is permitted on the basis of green pass:
Accommodation is only for:

  • Certificate holders of recovery
  • holders of the green pass
  • individuals and Young Adults under 16 years old who tested negative (valid for 72 hours)
  • Please make sure to maintain 2 meters distance from others.
  • Please wear a mask

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