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One resource many travelers trust when it comes to vacations anywhere in the world is Trip Advisor. It is a site that gives you some insight on the many attractions, hotels, restaurants, and even transportation options you have for a specific place.

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If you are traveling to Jerusalem and want to find out which restaurants, sights, nightspots, and places of interest to go to, tripadvisor Jerusalem is a great resource to use.

How do you use this site for your vacations ? There are many ways you can utilize Trip Advisor on your vacation.

If you don’t know where to eat or are trying to locate the address of a restaurant that someone recommended to you, this site can help.

You can also use the site to find out which of the other restaurants nearby are worth trying out and which ones should not be given the time of day.

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You can use trip advisor to find out if the attractions you are planning on seeing are near each other and can be visited in one day.

You can also use it to determine if there are hotels that have vacancies in the places you will be visiting in the area.

Using tripadvisor Jerusalem will help you streamline your vacation since it will tell you what to avoid and what not to miss.

The main reason why so many people trust this resource is because the reviews and information that is found on it comes from travelers like you.

They’ve tried these places and have something to say about the experience. While reviews can be a mixed bag, you can see a general tone emerging after reading a few of them.

The general consensus is what you should trust when you use tripadvisor Jerusalem on your vacation. This way, you can be sure that majority of travelers who’ve tried it can’t be wrong. 

We’re pleased to announce that Jerusalem International YMCA Three Arches Hotel has been recognized with a 2019 Certificate of Excellence, based on the consistently great reviews we’ve earned on the world’s largest travel site and it is the third certificate in a row.
The YMCA Three Arches hotel was also promoted to Top20 hotels in Jerusalem out of 106 hotels. 

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The Hotel is open and entrance is permitted on the basis of green pass:
Accommodation is only for:

  • Certificate holders of recovery
  • holders of the green pass
  • individuals and Young Adults under 16 years old who tested negative (valid for 72 hours)
  • Please make sure to maintain 2 meters distance from others.
  • Please wear a mask

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