5 Popular Places to Visit in Jerusalem

One of the most recognized landmarks in Jerusalem is the YMCA Three Arches Hotel. In all its towering glory, this hotel offers a captivating combination of old world charm, wondrous arts, and awe-inspiring architecture.

Are you staying in the Three Arches Hotel soon? Check out these beautiful places to visit in Jerusalem.

The Wailing Wall (aka Western Wall)

It’s one of the last remaining remnants of Jerusalem’s First Temple where people lament (wail) due to the loss of the temple in AD 70. Here, you can find Jewish pilgrims since the Ottoman era. There are also synagogues worth checking out here.

The Citadel (aka the Tower of David)

This was built by King Herod to protect his palace in 24 BC. It was badly damaged after AD 70 and was rebuilt by the Crusaders. The Citadel offers an astonishing view of the Old City.

Mount of Olives

It’s a popular destination for religious pilgrims traveling to this part of Israel because this was where Jesus ascended to heaven after he was crucified. The Mount of Olives also offers mesmerizing panoramas of the Old City.

Central City Sites

It used to be a large complex for Russian pilgrims where a consulate, hospices for men and women, hospital, and mission house were built.

If you travel further north to the Mea Shearim District, be sure to wear something modest because this is where ultra-orthodox Jews reside. Here, you will find the Museum of Italian Jewish Art & Synagogue. Walk further towards Ben Yehuda Street to find lots of shopping and dining choices.

Dome of the Rock

This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the oldest Islamic architectural structures built in 691 CE. The ancient building itself is truly a remarkable work of art. You can get here by walking through the alleyways of the Old City.

Be sure to drop by these impressive tourist destinations if you’re traveling to Jerusalem soon.

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