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Jerusalem is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Millions of pilgrims and tourists alike visit this place to pay homage to the holiest city on Earth, as well as to explore its many captivating sights and sounds. Thankfully, there are many top hotels in Jerusalem that don’t really break the bank. 

Top Hotels in Jerusalem - the best place to be

World-class service from top hotels in Jerusalem 

There are many hostel level lodging options in the Old City, but those can be quite pricey. This is why your best accommodation option when in town is to stay in one of the top hotels in Jerusalem, which is only a few minutes’ walk away from Old City.

YMCA Three Arches Hotel

This three-star premier hotel has 54 rooms with breathtaking views of the YMCA gardens, as well as the captivating vista of the Old City. Aside from that, they have a restaurant with a beautiful patio and offers authentic local and regional dishes. They also have a conference Center, fitness room, sauna, Jacuzzi, pool, and a 152-feet bell tower that offer an incredible 360-degree view of the whole city.
As a leading hotel in Jerusalem that offers superb accommodation and has a central location and have a panoramic rooftop terrace that offers an amazing view of the Old City.
They have a shopping centre, restaurants, cafes, spa, fitness room, sauna, and an indoor swimming pool.
You can enjoy this is a fantastic option for those visiting with their families. They have rooms that can accommodate more people. Some of their rooms also air-conditioning, and flat-screen TV. Aside from that, they have a wellness Center that includes a hot tub, fitness room, sauna, and hammam.

To fully enjoy your stay in Jerusalem 

Be sure to book your stay in one of the top hotels in Jerusalem ahead of time to ensure that you’ll be able to reserve the room you like.

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  • individuals and Young Adults under 16 years old who tested negative (valid for 72 hours)
  • Please make sure to maintain 2 meters distance from others.
  • Please wear a mask

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