The YMCA Restaurant

The YMCA Restaurant is tucked in beside the graceful and greenery-covered arches of the hotel entrance. This beautiful, understated dining hall also features a charming outdoor patio – light and breezy by day, romantically lit in the evening. Harte always dreamed of bringing East and West together, and the Jerusalem landmark restaurant which bears his name also fulfills his lifelong passion for the culinary arts. Discover authentic local and regional dishes, selected from the Mediterranean seacoast and the exotic Middle East, exquisitely prepared and served in an elegant yet casual ambiance that will transport you to a charming, enchanting era.

תמונת אווירה דקורטיבית

The External Facade

The external facade of the hotel bears intricate sculptures and inscriptions in English, Arabic and Hebrew reflecting the YMCA’s historical role as a meeting place and a spiritual haven in this intense and ancient city. The beautiful gardens and lawns, graceful shade trees, and stone pathways around the hotel are open for our guests’ strolling pleasure. The hotel’s public areas feature high-ceiling halls and walls often lined with colorful modern works of Israeli and Palestinian artists.

The restaurant is open for Breakfast only from 7 am until 10 am.

For reservations please contact us:

Phone: +97225692687


The YMCA Restaurant Location

26 King David Street, Jerusalem

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The Hotel is open and entrance is permitted on the basis of green pass:
Accommodation is only for:

  • Certificate holders of recovery
  • holders of the green pass
  • individuals and Young Adults under 16 years old who tested negative (valid for 72 hours)
  • Please make sure to maintain 2 meters distance from others.
  • Please wear a mask

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