Choosing among the hotels in Jerusalem near old city

The old city of Jerusalem is filled with ancient buildings and monuments of significant importance to all three of the main monotheistic religions. As such, hotels in Jerusalem near old city are populated by individuals from different countries and nationalities which hold different agendas and values. As a result, arguments and conflicts may occur from time to time. For that reason, In order to make your stay as pleasant and enjoyable as possible, it is recommended to choose a hotel that openly spreads a message of tolerance and peace, and is open to except all religions and ethnic groups. 

Hotels in Jerusalem near old city for everyone

Choosing the right hotel which will be best suited for your needs and desires is not always an easy task, especially when it comes to hotels in Jerusalem near old city. When you choose a place to stay in the center of Jerusalem, you should also consider factors like personal convenience, along with the benefits of central location.
Some hotels in the old city offer luxurious rooms, while others have modern facilities and other benefits. One can easily get lost in the search of the ultimate accommodation experience. There are many kinds of hotels, and each hotel owner is trying his best to give all the guests the best experience possible.

Taking everything under consideration

In order to choose the right place for you among the all the hotels in Jerusalem near old city, you might want to think about an option that will allow you to enjoy everything you wish for. In other words, if you don't want to settle for location, room quality and excellent service, you might want to choose a place that will allow you to enjoy all of them. In The TMCA Three Arches Hotel, you can enjoy luxurious rooms, advanced sport center, in-house restaurant and most importantly – a peaceful and relaxed environment. The hotel is located at the very heart of Jerusalem and it contains 56 quiet and peaceful rooms. So if you are looking for a place that will give you all the benefits of a luxuries hotel, along with peace and quiet, now you have found it.

Hotels in Jerusalem near old city for the whole family

A family vacation is a good opportunity to clear your head and just relax in a hotel near the beach. But it could also be much more than just fun and relaxation.  

You can turn your family vacation into a significant and meaningful event for the parents and for the children alike.

For example, if you choose to book a room in a hotel in Jerusalem near the old city, you could enjoy a relaxing vacation, combined with a unique multi-cultural experience.


See the historical sites while staying in hotels in Jerusalem near the old city

The old city part of Jerusalem is full of beautiful historical sites. Here are a few examples:
The Wailing Wall – this historical monument is considered as the holiest for the Jewish people. The ancient wall was once a part of the Second Jewish Temple.

A common custom among visitors is to write a wish from god on a piece of paper and put it in one of the cracks in the wall.

The Tower of David – this tower is actually a part of an ancient citadel, which once used to protect the city of Jerusalem. Located at the highest point in the old city, the tower offers its visitors a spectacular view of the old city and its surroundings.

The Dome of Rock – the dome is one of the oldest monuments which are considered sacred in the Islamic religion. According to the Koran, the dome of the rock is the place where the prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven.

Designed and built by Islamic architects at the end of the 7th century, the Dome of Rock is an architectural wonder that you simply must see. 

Choosing the best hotel in Jerusalem for the whole family

There are many hotels in Jerusalem, but only a few of them are located right in the center of the city and can offer their visitors a list of attractions inside the hotel for the whole family.

The YMCA Three Arches Hotel offers its visitors a unique combination of in-house attractions, luxurious rooms, and excellent location. Inside the hotel, you will find an in-house restaurant, a new sports center with swimming pool, an impressive auditorium and more.

So if you are looking for a hotel in Jerusalem near an old city for the whole family, now you have found it.

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